Thursday Group Jan 16 Meeting Notes

The Thursday Group met today at the B.A. Present were Bob Ogden, Bruce Wood, Joe Smith, Bill(and Janice) Hetrick, Maryann Fleeger, Adam Fleeger, John Houston, Bill Criley, Joanne Fulmer and Friend (Bill) .

Discussion included:

1. Adam & Mary Ann Fleeger reported on their road trip to Warren Pa to visit the White Cane Coffee Company. Brought back a very positive report on there visit. They are anxious to get started. The owner and her parents will visit us on April 21st meeting.

2. Discussed the storage rack collapse last week. Bill Criley will reinstall the top shelf and make sure the whole rack is secured to the wall.

3. Adam Fleeger reported about about ordering and advertising on place mats from the same place as Natili North’s gets their place mats. Mostly negative comments followed. Further discussion at next meeting.

4. New member Joanne Fulmer and a friend (Bill) were at the meeting. Joanne makes floral Wreaths and other floral items. She is willing to make wreaths for us to sell. Further discussion at next meeting.

5. Another topic discussed is our plan to place new payment envelopes at all of our remote display locations but to do that one at a time to learn as we go to see how well it works.

6.We also discussed also that the Computers for the Blind project is important to the club because it helps the near blind and the completely blind persons to learn how to operate computers. The conclusion we reached was to ask the board for two laptops. Both will have software one with the JAWS software for very blind people to use and one to have Zoom Text for partially blind folks. This company is a Corporate Sponsor of the Lions Club International. The cost would be $330.

7. I am working on a budget to provide to the board as estimates for this years yard signs, sales table top signs, what ever we might need for miscellaneous marketing materials like plastic bags. Will discuss further at next meeting. Meeting lasted 1.5 hrs. No work done.

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