Become Lion Partner

Become a Butler Lion Partner

We invite any organization in the Butler area to join us as a partner in serving the needs of the Butler area. You can help us by allowing us to place a display of our products in your facility on a consignment basis. We accept all loss liability for the products. You just need to collect payment from the buyer. We take care of restocking the display and picking up the money. For this we will share 40% of the profit with you.

Generally speaking any organization that has a lot of foot traffic thru its facility is a good candidate. A waiting room associated with the traffic is better yet, Medical offices, law offices, etc.

For additional information you may contact any Lion, call 724-287-4059 (Blind Assoc.) or Email

Currently we have 12 organizations we refer to as partners. They all are motivated by a sense of service to the community thus they help the Butler Lions. Below is a list of our partners.

Butler Blind Association sell all our products in their office and also allow us to hold our meetings there.
Butler Choirpractic Associates (Tony & Ann Bilott) sell all our products in their office
Balouris Eye Center sell brooms in their office.
Dr Steven Hinterberger Optometry sell brooms & garbage bags in their office
Nellies Boutiques sell brooms in their store.
Trinity Lutheran Church sells our products in their church. We share the profits of their sales with them.
Butler Township Baseball Association sells some of our products. We share the profits of their sales with them.
Their 15 year old baseball team helps us with some of our “heavy lifting” projects.
Saxonburg General Store sells our brooms in their store. We share the profits of their sales with them.
Fairground Market help us with our sausage sales each fall & spring and also cater meals for our meetings.
THE ARC provides us fire starters & citronella candle buckets to sell and they buy brooms & garbage bags from us.
Pearl Vision help us provide vision care to local residents who cannot afford vision care.
Artisan Restaurant & Catering Company sells our products in their Restaurant.

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