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The purpose of this page is to give web presence to Butler Lions club products for sale. You can order any of our products by clicking on the image in one of the boxes below. We raise money by selling our products and the earnings are donated to community service.


Year-Around Products
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Order 13 Gal Pkg/100 Tall Kitchen Drawstring Garbage Bags

Order 33 Gal Pkg/45 Drawstring Garbage Bags

Order 33 Gal Box/100 (w/Ties) Garbage Bags

Order 39 Gal Pkg/45 Drawstring Large Yard Bags

Order 45 Gal Pkg/20 (w/Ties) Garbage Bags

Order Kaywos Cleaning Cloths

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Butler Lions are now selling Push Brooms

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18″ Hard Bristle – $16.00
18″ Soft Bristle – $18.00
24″ Hard Bristle – $23.00
24″ Soft Bristle – $27.00

(Note: 24″ Brooms include Support Handle Brackets.

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Kitchen Broom – $10.00
(Five Stitch, Natural Corn Bristle)

Kids Broom – $5.00
Whisk Broom – $5.00

(Brooms made especially for Lions by Superior Broom Co. of Freeport, Pa.)

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Easy access from plastic bag,
Double thick top band,
Tear resistant, Leak protection sealer,
Expand grip drawstring

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Fits 40-45 Gallon Can

Kaywos Cleaning Cloths

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Fire Starters

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