How We Fundraise

Our Products for Sale
▪Products Marketing Philosphy
▪Order any Yr-Around Product
▪▪Order Brooms (Corn&Push)
▪▪ Order Garbage Bags
▪▪ Order Fire Starters
▪▪ Order Kaywos Cloths
▪▪ Order Gift Certificates
Periodic Products
▪▪ Order Sausage
▪▪ Order Soup
▪▪ Order Roses
▪▪ 2019 Christmas Tree Sale
▪▪ Order Roses
▪▪ Cheese Sale
▪Order,Payment,Delivery Options
▪View/Print Order Form
▪View Products Brochure
Our Products are Available at organizations Below:
▪Balouris Eye Center
▪Trinity Lutheran Church
▪Bilott Chiropractic Associates
▪Butler Blind Association
▪Dr Hinterberger Optometry
▪Artisan Restaurant
▪Chicora Trading Post
Advantages Buying from Butler Lions

▪ Ease of Ordering:
▪ Free, Quick Delivery by Lion Members.
▪ No Sales Tax.
▪ All Products made in USA.
▪ Pay by Cash/Check at Time of Delivery.
▪ 100% of Profits go to Lion Charities.
▪ Quality Products at Competitive Prices.

Scoot & Toot 5K Family Race/Walk

2019 Race Event cancelled
▪2018 Race Info
▪Recognition of Sponsors
▪Scoot & Toot Brochure
▪2018 Event Report
▪2017 Event Report
▪2016 Event Report
▪2015 Event Report

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