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Learning About Lion Products (from Facebook)

Thank you for linking from Facebook to the Butler Lions Club web-page. From this page you can order any of our products.

The Butler Lions serve by (1) volunteering their time and (2) fund raising to support Lions Charities.

Our approach to fund raising is to offer products for sale and use all the profits from the sale to support Lions charities. The products we sell are common necessary items used in every home or business including garbage bags, brooms, fire starters and Kaywos cleaning cloths all of which are available year-around. We do periodic sales of sausage, soup, Mothers Day Roses and Christmas trees.

Our marketing approach is to take advantage today’s technology and consumer’s purchasing practices. We offer online ordering via our web page, Facebook and other social media. We can accept orders via email, voice-mail and text message. We also offer timely free delivery of $10 or more of orders within the Butler area. Payment is expected at time of delivery.

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